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Sacramento Finds

We just got back from one of our quarterly trips to Sacramento. While there we visited a number of antique shops, a few garage sales, and of course our main reaon for going, the Sacramento Antique Faire. So what did we score this weekend? Here are a few finds:

1950’s tin friction Ford Coupe made by Ichiko/Alps in Japan. In the original box and in near mint shape.

1950's Tin Friction Dord Coupe

1950’s Tin Friction Dord Coupe

Here’s another find from the same dealer. A 1955 tin friction Steam Shovel Trailer, also made in Japan by SSS. This one came in its original box and is in near mint condition as well.

1955 Tin Friction Steam Shovel Trailer

1955 Tin Friction Steam Shovel Trailer

Last, but not least, is this wonderful 1970’s battery operated Toyota Crown Emergency Rescue Squad car. It delights with a whimsical siren and has the infamous “mystery action”… which basically means it runs all over the place until it hits a wall, and then starts the process all over again.


1970’s Battery Operated Emergency Car

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